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About Us

About Us

One of the innovative manufacturers of the socks knitting industry,
NewSocks started its textile journey in 1985 and has been continuing
as an exporter company since 2011. In our factory, located in
Turkey-Istanbul, socks for men, women and children are produced.

NewSocks socks production line consists of 25 toe stitched and 65
open toe machines. Having a production capacity of 10 million pairs
per year, NewSocks produces with blended yarns consisting of fibers
such as cotton, bamboo, modal, viscose, wool, linen, cashmere and

NewSocks R&D department under the consultancy of designer, has
a team of experts who are creative, open to innovations and
development, and are capable of producing fast solutions to the
needs of our customers in domestic and foreign markets.



The importance given to innovative processes, Modern,
technological and environmentally friendly production processes,
Production of socks suitable for all ages and styles with its wide
production infrastructure, It is one of the companies that make a
difference in the sector with a staff focus on at high customer
Many different socks models can be designed and produced for
men, women and children.


Vision                                                              Mission

          To heighten our image                                It is based on customer satisfaction
through permanent                                   and establishing sustainable
           collaborations..                                         relationships by offering the highest
                                                                 quality products and services.